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Why Native UGC?

Talk about why we are so different to other options. Main competitors or people doing direct outreach or influencer marketing.
Features included :
Creators apply to work with you directly
All creators are pre-vetted and in our network
Set rates for each campaign
Ensured quality control and professional project management
Secure payment processing through our platform
Full usage rights to all videos produced
Holistic View of All Campaigns on One Dashboard
Pre-built scripts that follow the latest TikTok trends
Request revisions directly through the platform and track progress
Automated follow-ups to ensure projects stay on schedule
Everything Else
Features not included :
Must send hundreds of DMs, many of which will go unanswered
Risk of working with unreliable or unprofessional creators
Time-consuming negotiating rates
Lack of oversight can lead to inconsistent content quality
Difficulties in payment processing and disputes over rates and timelines
Uncertainty around usage rights and legal ownership of content
No central dashboard to track progress and manage campaigns
Manually create each script from scratch
Back and forth process for requesting revisions
No system for automatic follow-ups to ensure projects stay on track